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What is IQS MED?


The IQS MED certification program developed by IQS CERT EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) is a new standard comprising an up-to-date catalogue listing the healthcare requirements set by EU organizations for their partners in medical and health sector.

There is a growing number of patients’ funds, corporate patients’ funds, insurance companies and other associations and organisations (especially in Germany), as well as travel agencies operating in the field of Medical Tourism, interested in collaborating with organisations that have received the quality standard  certified by IQS CERT EEIG.

In response to the emerging market needs, IQS CERT EEIG has entered into a number of contracts and agreements with state-owned and private organisations operating in the medical and health sector (e.g. in Germany, England, the Netherlands and Switzerland). As a result of these measures, a large network has been formed of partners contributing to development and quality assurance of medical and health services.

The implementation and application of IQS MED standards provides a certified corporate or institution with an opportunity to present their organisations as competent and trustworthy suppliers of medical services in the European market.

It provides a great opportunity for those who wish to gain more domestic and foreign customers.

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