ITB 2017 Berlin

An important agreement was signed during ITB Berlin, Europe’s largest tourism trade fair, between Uzdrowiskowy Szpital Kompleksowej Rehabilitacji “Krystyna” Busko-Zdrój S.A (”Krystyna” comprehensive rehabilitation spa hospital in Busko-Zdrój) and IQS CERT EWIV Aachen on 11 March 2017. The Agreement opens up real opportunities for the Krystyna spa hospital to enter new European markets.

IQS CERT EWIV Aachen has obliged itself to represent the Krystyna spa hospital in negotiations with German, Dutch and Austrian health funds that are interested in spa treatments where the quality is confirmed by an IQS MED certificate. This obligation also concerns an array of marketing activities designed to reach potential Krystyna spa hospital clients.

The agreement was executed by: Grzegorz Gałuszka, director of the KRYSTYNA spa hospital, and Georg Jankowski, member of the IQS CERT EWIV Aachen management board.

The basis for the execution of the Agreement was the fact that the “Krystyna” spa hospital had obtained an IQS MED Certificate several weeks earlier. The Certificate significantly facilitates customer procurement, especially on the German market. The path toward obtaining the Certificate involved a complex and comprehensive assessment system, involving an assessment of the infrastructure, resources, organization and management, communication and information systems, infection risk minimization, customer/patient satisfaction, risk management, specialization, and above all, the level of services provided.

Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój S.A. (health resort in Busko-Zdrój) has obtained a real tool for exporting medical services to other EU countries.

The IQS MED mark and certificate place the Krystyna spa hospital among the group of best and the most reliable medical service providers.

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